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Life Stories



These are the stories of some of the mothers who are now part of the foundation's family and are already benefiting from our support. With yours there can be many more.


I am a single mother of two children. My oldest son was diagnosed with leukodystrophy at birth, a severe mental retardation, currently he does not study due to lack of financial resources. When I arrived at the Repairing Hearts Foundation, opportunities were opened for me and my children. I feel that I am part of a family, I thank God and the Foundation because I have trained in pastry and bakery and have the necessary elements to work at home, this way I have generated income for food mainly.


I started a dining room in February 2018 to provide food for 12 children who could attend school. The resources were limited and the comforts to prepare the food also; however, the foundation provided the materials for reconstruction of the kitchen, kitchen utensils and food that allow the maintenance of a dining room for 25 children.


I am a single mother of four children, the support of a family is very difficult in the absence of employment and sometimes it is almost impossible, fortunately my children attend the children's dining room, where they can take lunch daily and the foundation has supported us with food and help to sell cleaning implements, thus being able to get income to satisfy some basic needs of my family.


I am a widow and mother of two children, to continue life alone is very difficult for the support of the family. Resources are scarce and job opportunities even more. The foundation has supported me with materials for the preparation and sale of desserts. Today I can generate some income with this beautiful initiative.


I am a mother of three children, I lived in Venezuela but the economic situation of that country forced us to return to Colombia, leaving work and family. This new beginning has been very difficult, without work, without economic support that allows us to organize and meet basic needs, such as food or a good place to live. The foundation has supported us with food, clothing and medicine; To be part of the foundation is to feel that we are not alone.